Jan 312012
[heading style=”2″]How to make the default Header Menu disappear.[/heading] I liked the Secondary Menu style more than the Header Menu style for my custom Main menu. At first thought, there seemed to be 2 ways of accomplishing this.

(1) Copy the CSS of the Secondary Menu and replace the current Header Menu style. This seemed tedious and then I would also lose the Header Menu style.

(2) Set the Secondary Menu to my main menu and my Header Menu to nothing. Unfortunately, setting the Header Menu to nothing makes a default menu appear. So now I had 2 menu instead of just my Main menu.

The Trick: I created a new custom menu named it Blank Menu and did not add any menu items. I assigned the Blank Menu to the Header Menu and my Main menu to the Secondary Menu position. Now since there were no menu items in the Blank Menu, the Header Menu CSS had nothing to be applied to so the Header Menu didn’t appear.

I was left with just my Main menu using the Secondary Header style.

Jan 262012

Here is a list of WordPress plugins that I’ve used and like.

  • WordPress Importer – Allows you to import and export your WordPress site for backup/restore and content transfer


Jan 262012

Here is a list of WordPress themes that I like and would recommend.

  • This website uses: Graphene
  • Coraline
  • Green Hope
  • Magazine
  • Mantra
  • Modern Green Theme
  • Portfolio Press
  • zBench
  • zeeCorporate

I’m going to be creating my own theme soon.