Swimplicity, LLC

  • About this company: Swimplicity, LLC is a full service pool company servicing the Greater Austin Area.
  • Primary Domain: http://www.swimplicity.com
  • Other Domain(s): http://www.poolservicemadeeasy.com

Content Management System

  • WordPress 3.4.2
  • Originally done in Joomla 1.5 w/custom made Joomla! template by me.

Custom Code

Languages: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery

Scheduling Application
Swimplicity was spending a lot of time handing out routes and information about appointments over the phone or in person. They needed a scheduling application that would allow employees to log in and get all the information they needed about the day’s appointments. The application has been made specifically for Swimplicity.com and uses fields and collects data that is specific to Swimplicity’s business rules.This application is growing as Swimplicity finds the need for more functionality and data.
Electronic Door Hanger Application
The Electronic Door Hanger application is an application employees can use on their phones to collect data about appointments. This application is used as a replacement to the printed door hangers that Swimplicty typically leaves after a regular cleaning appointment. The application collects data such as the time of the appointment, the customer, the employee, chemical levels and usage, and more. After the data is entered, the customer receives an email that contains a service summary instead of having a printed door hanger left at their home.
The Electronic Door Hanger application is incorporated into the scheduling application. This allows appointments to be scheduled while still collecting all of the pertinent data.
Data Analysis and Report
As data is collected through these web applications, we can use that data to create analytical reports that give important insight into the company’s activities, inventory, and other crucial business aspects. For instance, data, such as chemical levels and usage, can be added up, averaged, reported per customer or employee, and much much more. These customized applications will give Swimplicity an advantage in information and services they can offer their customers.

Graphic Design

  • Designed and created the sun shaped mascot, Mr. Swimpleton.
  • Created a Flash pool & span with running water features.
  • Created Flash banners used for advertising.