Big Bang Builders

Creativerse World by BullFroGG

Language: English ONLY*
Admin Timezone: Central USA
Active Players: 3
Active Claims: 3

World Rules & Guidelines

  • No grieving any kind both. This applies to unclaimed land and objects as well. If it’s not your and you don’t have permission, don’t pick it up.
  • No harassment of any kind. This includes name calling and other insults in chat.
  • Claim responsibly. If you want to make a claim right next to someone, ask them. They may have plans to expand into that area but don’t have the currency to get the claim purchased yet. If they aren’t available to ask, you can still stake your claim, but make sure to leave 3 empty claims between you and them.
  • English ONLY. This is because there are a lot of any language servers and, in my experience, most of them only have a few English speakers, which in turn makes it difficult to collaborate on big projects. So I want a server where everyone understands everyone else; and I speak English.
  • Update you name! To help keep out grievers, you must not have the name of Player or Player_###. If you log in and notice this is your name, please go to your Steam client and update your profile name. When I log in in the mornings, I will ban players with either of those names. I apologize, but gotta keep out the grievers.
  • Do not repeatedly request builder permission. This is the behavior of a griever, so don’t do it. If you get denied the first time, don’t ask again. Unless, of course, you talk to the person and they say it’s OK. Don’t repeatedly ask for permission either, or make someone feel guilty for not giving you permission to modify their claim. It’s their claim! If I see you doing this, see next rule.
  • Violations result in being banned.

Play Tips

  • Set your permissions. Objects have permissions that let you decide who can access and use them. Be sure to set the permission on an object as soon as you set it down.
  • Name your stuff. Chests most importantly, name your stuff so it’s easy to sort through without having to open each one.

Finally, remember this game is still in development and you are playing with early access! It’s easy to get to the bottom layer and feel like you’ve beat the game and the only thing left to do is build your house; which is true. But updates are coming with new stuff and new play. Don’t be in a rush to get things done. Right now, playing every day is a little overkill because you’ll be done with your house in a week and bored. Then, like I did, you look for a new server hoping to find some new adventure only to end up doing the same thing again. Stay here, take your time, and come back when updates come out.


This is the world map for the world 'Big Bang Builders' in Creativerse.

This is the world map for the world ‘Big Bang Builders’ in Creativerse.